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Companionlink software sync crm data with act4advisors. Marketplace boasts tools for different industries, categories, platforms, and act. Jay just sent in a tip to this press release from companionlink and its great news. Companionlink is a contact and calendar synchronization software that syncs data across smartphone and tablet devices, computers, and webbased applications. Synchronize your pim or crm contacts, calendar events. Companionlink updates android and ios suite for act. Our staff is working from home, and we are open our normal hours 7. Contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, categories and much more.

Learn how companionlink can help you stay productive on the go. Companionlink express can draw data from your pc act. Sync software, pc and mobile crm from companionlink. Usb, wifi and dejacloud sync to outlook, office 365, act. Companionlink software is a provider of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and crm software and services. Companionlink professional is free to download from our software library. Has anyone out there ever experienced problems when using companionlink software and act. This runs on windows version 7 or newer or mac and can sync outlook to a wide variety of targets. Open act, click help at the top about database information. Sync outlook flagged emailscontacts to dejaoffice tasks. Companionlink software is the leader in synchronization solutions for mobile devices and act. Companionlink to sync lotus, palm desktop, act, and others.

Download apps by companionlink software, including dejadesktop calendar wallpaper and companionlink sync for outlook. This software is an intellectual property of companionlink software, inc. Contact information for companionlink technical support. Conley, with companionlink support, did a great job helping us make our transition into office 365 and syncing with act. Companionlink software express or professional iclink companionlink software sync your crm data with all the latest blackberry, windows mobile, iphone and palm os devices, or with.

This is faster, has more features, and supports more organizers than. Swiftpage and its affiliates are in no way liable or responsible for claims made. Outlook 2003 or lower requires companionlink 7 or lower. The first company to release synchronization solutions for act. Dejaoffice crm with pc sync android outlook sync apps on. They say that theyre going to be offering their software for the webos palm pre and it will offer a bevvy of. Whether youre interested in mobility, quoting, project management, reporting, timesavers, or just general utilities, the act.

Fortunately, you can still do this, thanks to connectivity software such as companionlink. Well, all i can say is that i politely have requested support syncing my droidx with act. Activities, history, followups from outlook, iphone and. Companionlink and all products created by companionlink software, inc. If you purchased companionlink after august 1, 2018 upgrading to companionlink 9 is free full compatibility for act. Companionlink software is a pioneer in data synchronization for mobile devices. To configure your pim in your companionlink setup, select settings under act act. The dejaoffice team is fully staffed and working remotely from our homes. It seems to be the best option available, because it syncs. Free companionlink technical support and product updates. Synchronize your pim or crm contacts, calendar events, tasks, notes, histories, and opportunities directly with your iphone. This seems to me to be a reasonable price for software of this complexity, at least with the act. Companionlink outlook sync software is redstone 5 ready no update needed.

Make sure that the act database information, matches the database settings in. Im trying to decide between a few different products to accomplish this. Download companionlink sync software for pc companionlink. Dejadesktop places todays calendar on your pc wallpaper. Business wirecompanionlink software, a leading addon developer for sage act. Best android crm with pc sync contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. Afs are resellers of most products listed on this website and are in no way liable or responsible for claims made related to the products or services provided by third party vendors. With companionlink you simply register the software on a new computer. Companionlink pro crack free download is a reliable software designed to facilitate the data synchronization between your chosen organizer application. Contacts, calendar, tasks and notes from outlook, act. Full support for color categories on your calendar. Companionlink is a fast and easy synchronization system that exchanges data with your desktop contact manger and windows ce device. April 19, 2018 companionlink releases galaxy s9 sync for outlook on pc and mac. Android and iphone sync contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

Their products synchronize contact management and crm business data to smartphones, tablets, cloud services. Companionlink software sync your crm data with act. Anyone experienced duplications, removal of calendar events, or any weird stuff just occuring in act when. Synchronize your pim or crm contacts, calendar events, tasks, notes. Companionlink will fill in the most recently opened database. The products and services highligted on the addons for act. For over 15 years, companionlink has helped mobilize. Dejaoffice is an amazing personal crm with pc sync to outlook, act. Use companionlink desktop software to synchronize dejaoffice with popular crm and contact managers like microsoft outlook, act. Fixed issue with apple usb miscellaneous field mapping missing some fields. For a year ive been using dejaoffice and companionlink to sync ms outlook desktop with windows phone 8. Companionlink releases windows 10 outlook sync companion.

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