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A reverse engineering and redesign methodology the basis for our study for redesign is the reverse engineering and redesign methodology, shown graphically in figure 1 otto and wood, 1996. Study of contact and noncontact measurement techniques applied to reverse engineering of complex freeform parts. Introduction road accident statistics in the uk make alarming reading, with 3400 deaths, 38,000 serious injuries and 279,000 slight injuries in the year 2000 alone 1. It is a compilation of contemporary and extended engineering. Reverse engineering pneumatic steel strapping machine. It is crucial to figure out the potential design errors in the product leading to premature failure. A case study of reverse engineering using cmm and cad tool is. Reverse engineering of automotive componenets nasscom. Pump reverse engineering is a valuable service that not only avoids long lead times and high costs, but also preserves the original function of obsolete parts. Pdf a case study of reverse engineering integrated in an. Reverse engineering of physical objects training guide. Systematic reverse engineering of network topologies.

Reverse engineering is a process of capturing the geometry by existing physical. Flatworld is a leading provider of mechanical engineering services for over a decade now. Reverse engineering is the process of defining and installing a model based on the. Reverse engineering of mechanical parts using 3d scanning and cad software. A case study article pdf available in defence science journal 562 april 2006 with 360 reads how we measure reads. Reverse engineering plays vital role in the branch of the mechanical design. The client is a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts used in a wide range of refrigeration compressors. Engineering case studies download and read our engineering case studies weve documented a number of our engineering and technical engagements in the below case studies. Designed a new movable platen guiding assembly for hm660. The innovation canvas as a teaching tool in capstone design. Case study reverse engineering flatworld solutions. Application of coordinate measuring machine in reverse.

Because of accreditation requirements of the professional engineering institutions, similar. Reverse engineering case studies dimensional engineering. Reverse engineering precision gauges for underground trains. Reverse engineering, also called back engineering, is the process by which a manmade object is deconstructed to reveal its designs, architecture, or to extract knowledge from the object. Use legal reverse engineering when you need the 3rdparty application compatibility. Case study on reverse engineering emnor mechanical. Its easy to see why this scanner has become the fastest selling handheld 3d scanner on the market. When we talk about reverse engineering and dimensional measurement, we often refer to manufactured parts, engineering tolerances, and other abstract concepts. This paper presents a generic methodology for database reverse engineering comprising two main steps, namely data structure extraction and data structure conceptualization.

A 1960sera 3000 hp motor on the hot side of the nuclear reactor was experiencing typical wear and tear after 50 years of service. Engineering mechanics is a core first year class delivered to approximately 250 students. The oil rig suffered total downtime of just hours, rather than weeks thanks to this innovative newschool approach. Cce case study heavy machinery design and reverse engineering designed purge guards with latest hingelimit switches. The study aimed to test the case of reverse engineering if. Reverse engineering of automotive componenets reverse engineering is increasingly becoming a useful tool for manufacturers to reconsider their product design in an efficient and costeffective manner. Bachelor of mechanical engineering with manufacturing engineering. Computeraided reverse engineering for rapid replacement parts. A look at the dark side of hardware reverse engineering. O2is mechanical engineering team is involved in updating the current database of drawings in different cad platforms and converting the same to a common cad platform for a client. Thus, in this case study we have successfully completed 1.

What is reverse engineering in the field of mechanical. Tech cadcam, department of mechanical engineering, ghrce. The innovation canvas as a teaching tool in capstone. This malware uses meterpreter to create a reverse shell to any specified listeners providing the attacker with remote access capabilities. Reverse engineering pneumatic steel strapping machine reverse engineering is essentially an important method to identify flaws in the existing design of the product and improve the design subsequently, without major investment in cost and time. Review on study of reverse engineering in mechanical. A case study of reverse engineering integrated in an automated design process r pescaru1 p kyratsis2 and g oancea1 1department of manufacturing engineering, transilvania university of brasov, brasov, romania 2department of mechanical engineering and industrial design, western macedonia university of applied sciences, kila kozanis, greece. Stages of power management transition in windows 7 manage system at power state transition. Hulbert chair of biomedical engineering and associate professor of biomedical engineering at rosehulman institute of technology. Emnor was brought in to reverse engineer the required parts to bring the nuclear reactor up to code.

Reverse engineering provides a solution to this problem because the physical model is the source of information for the cad model. Faur 1 1politehnica university of timisoara 2 victor babes university of medicine and pharmacy of timisoara romania 1. Although we dont often encounter this particular type of project, this case study provides an excellent example of reverse engineering in action. Hardware reverse engineering involves taking apart a device to see how it works. Mondal d, dougherty e, mukhopadhyay a, carbo a, yao g, et al.

This paper proposes an integrated reverse engineering approach using. Reverse engineering with the einscan pro 2x plus red bundle the complete 3d scan to design solution the einscan pro 2x plus is known for its multifunctionality, high detail scans, ease of use, and accessible pricing. Application of coordinate measuring machine in reverse engineering. Engineering an approach for reverse engineering of a mechanical part, asme journal of computing and information science in engeneering, 10, pp. Steven shooter from bucknell university discusses the real life case study of the stapler wars which occurred in 2006. Department of mechanical engineering 162 engineering mechanics 1 a reap project case study june 2006 about the class. They brought us some samples of an epoxysealed transformer that. Reverse engineering, data sensing, brake rod, modification and analysis.

To aid the application of the cpss approach to the study of other biological systems, we have developed a computer package that is available in information s1. Reverse engineering is a method of reproducing another product by examining the originals construction and composition. Reverse engineering and fem analysis for mechanical strength evaluation of complete dentures. An approach for reverse engineering of a mechanical part asme journal of computing and information science in engineering. In mechanical engineering, this process aims to create a virtual 3d model from an existing physical object to duplicate or to enhance it.

For example, the reverse engineering process will be usedif the original design is not supported by sufficient or. This technique has been widely recognized as an important technique in the product design cycle. An integrated reverse engineering and failure analysis approach. Side mirror case study journal of mechanical engineering and. Pdf this paper presents a design methodology which automates the. Reverse engineering and fem analysis for mechanical.

A case study of reverse engineering integrated in an. Basically reverse engineering means the reproduction of another manufacturers product following detailed examination of its construction or composition. A case study of resettable bistable cellular responses. This paper includes a case study at which reverse engineering was applied on flagpole holders with different materials and designs. Mechanical reverse engineering philadelphia university. Gao developed a systematic approach to the design, modeling, characterization and experimental evaluation of structureembedded, multiphysics wireless sensors and related machine learning ml methods for the condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and remaining service life prognosis of manufacturing machines and product quality controlwith applications in plastic injection molding. Client replaced old guiding assemblies at all of its customer sites. A cognitive approach, a case study and a tool by iyad zayour thesis presented to the faculty of graduate and postdoctoral studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree doctor of philosophy computer science ottawacarleton institute for computer science university of ottawa ottawa, ontario, k1n 6n5 canada. The main emphasis of this product is its cool color, which is green. Reverse engineering case studies thompson precision. The first process tries to elicit the physical data structures of the.

It enables also an improved reverse engineering process through knowledgebased techniques to make more explicit and sharable the knowledge embedded in the digital flow, and recently, it draws the attention to the convergence of reverse engineering, metrology, and software for additive manufacturingrelated applications lying at the interface of mechanical engineering, modern geometry. Posts tagged reverse engineering complex leak enclosures possible with 3d metrology. Software reverse engineering case studies apriorit. Reverse engineering can be viewed as the process of analyzing a. Introduction complete dentures are used in social healthcare of the seniors. Thompson precision excel in reverse engineering as shown with this client who required several of their safety critical gauges to be manufactured, even though they did not have any manufacturing drawings or 3d. Case study reverse engineering of catalytic convertors o2i. The subject is the innovative line of staplers developed and sold by accentra. Companies that manufacture or produce constantly changing parts use reverse engineering as a primary inspection tool for recreation of spare parts.

Mechanical engineering case study engineering mechanics. A case study of reverse engineering integrated in an automated design process. Reverse engineering is a very broad term that can be applied to many branches of engineering. Rogge, rosehulman institute of technology renee rogge is the samuel f. Reverse engineering plays vital role in the branch of the mechanical design and manufacturing based industry.

Providing insights about the design parameters affecting the performance and longevity of the product, reverse engineering also serves as a. Read the case study which shows how we provided the best quality power plant pipe designing services to a leading engineering firm. Mechanical and aerospace engineering case school of. This is also referred to as the parttocad process as shown in fig.

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